How Share a Wish Works

Learn how to create, manage, and share your wish lists effortlessly with Share a Wish.

Getting Started

Creating and sharing your wish lists is easy. Follow these simple steps to get started with Share a Wish.

Login or Continue Without Account

1. Login or Continue Without an Account

Sign up using your email to unlock all features, or continue without an account to use most of the app's features.

Create a List

2. Create a Wish List

Give your list a name and start adding items. It's that simple!

Add Items

3. Add Items to Your List

There are multiple ways to add items to your list:

  • Directly (Copy & Paste): Paste a link, and we’ll automatically load the title, price, image, and description from many sites. Add a priority if you like.
  • Using Browser Plugin: Install the "Share a Wish" plugin. On iOS, use the built-in browser plugin by tapping the share button and selecting the app icon. For other browsers, click the "Share a Wish" icon in your plugin bar on any page to add the current page to your list.
  • Import Amazon Wish Lists: Share your Amazon wish list link, and we’ll import it automatically. Just tap the share button on your Amazon list to get the link.
Share Wish Lists

4. Share with Friends and Family

Share your wish lists with anyone. If they have an account, they can add your list to their app. If not, they can view your list in any browser using the shared link.

Mark as Purchased

5. Mark Items as Purchased

You and anyone with the shared link can mark items as purchased. If items are removed from your Amazon list or marked as purchased on Amazon, your list will update automatically, reflecting these changes.

Additional Tip

You can add not just shopping products but also webpages for vouchers or similar items. Perfect for birthdays, christmas, or any special occasion!

Start Creating Your Wish Lists Today